Moving Mechanisms

Amphenol MCP began moving mechanism production in 1996 and has evolved into one of the major moving mechanism manufacturing companies worldwide. Our design process utilizes computer simulation tools, both acquired and developed in-house, to significantly reduce time and expense.  Our development center also offers in-house rapid prototyping and tooling capacities with complete testing equipment for mechanism durability and torque profiling. Our moving mechanisms are used in various products including laptops, mobile phones, wearable, and medical applications.

Our Moving Mechanism styles

  • Automatic (live open)
  • Friction (free-stop)
  • Folding
  • Multi-Axis
  • Swivel
  • Slide
  • Shielding
  • Laptop and 3G usb modem hinges

We design and manufacture additional mechanical components for antennas, plugs for battery chargers, etc.

Moving Mechanism Capacity

  • Total of 20 assembly lines with high automation and efficiency
  • Full capacity:
    • 8 Million/month for slide
    • 8 Million/month for folding/Multi-axis
    • 12 Million/month for shielding


Moving Mechanisms for notebooks

Our moving mechanism factory is certified in: EMS (ISO14001:2004), QMS (ISO9001:2008), ISO/TS16949:2009

The factory uses the following in-house equipment to test and our products to ensure the highest quality:  Coordinate measuring machine, auto-vision measuring machine, free play tester, fold hinge open speed tester, XRF RoHS & HF tester, UV acceleration tester, life tester for free stop hinge, multimeter, laptop hinge life tester, and fold/slide life tester.

Amphenol MCP’s R&D concept team supports customers from the initial idea to detailed product design and prototype. Our test & measurement lab can quickly build test and measurement platforms to insure the quality of the product will satisfy the customer requirement. Our simulation team provides concept design evaluation and test failure analysis in the early phases. The mechanical engineering team engages in the process of engineering optimization for smooth mass production.


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