Mobile Connector & Cable Introduction


Amphenol Mobile Consumer Products (MCP) designs, manufactures and provides a broad range of mobile connectors, cables and interconnect products for mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Amphenol MCP products are tailored as well for infotainment and portable equipment used in the medical, automotive and industrial markets. Our capability for high-volume production of miniaturized products, combined with our fast development and state-of-the-art engineering support, are key factors enabling our customers to bring their innovative products to market within a short time.

Amphenol MCP is one of the leading providers of I/O connector solutions in the world. The current market demands are driven by customized solutions including µUSB-, µHDMI- and Docking-connectors. I/O connectors are widespread and often used in consumer electronic products.

Amphenol MCP is also a leading providers of Audio Jack & Plug solutions. The current market demands include 3.5mm type and ANC (active noise cancelling). Audio Jack & Plug connectors are widespread and often used in consumer electronic products.

We offer a varied selection of SIM card Connectors including push-pull, hinge type, push-push, tray type with tray ejection and other popular categories including SIM card connectors for 2FF (standard), 3FF (micro) and 4FF (nano) SIM cards.

Amphenol MCP offers ultra small and downsizing types of RF coaxial connectors for testing and internal connections in consumer electronic products.

Amphenol MCP’s spring clips are very versatile and can be used in many applications including: antennas, metal housing connections, grounding connections, shielding connections, ESD & EMC connections, and LSD connectors.  They can incorporate a deflection stop to avoid permanent deformation of the clip.  Scalable height for platform use.  Spring Clips are suitable for automatic assembly processes: pick & place, tape & reel packaging and SMT solderable.

Amphenol MCP offers a wide variety of WTB and BTB connectors for consumer products applications.

We also offer cable assembly solutions for mobile consumer products including  wearables.

The mobile connector group is certified in ISO/TS 16949: 2009, ISO 9001: 2008, and ISO 14001: 2004 + Cor 1: 2009

Types of Connectors

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