Miniature Coax Cable Assemblies

Amphenol MCP manufactures Miniature Coax Cable Assemblies for all of your mobile products.

Features of Miniature Coax Cable Assemblies:

  • Fully integrated assembly with antenna
  • Cable harness made in-house with 0.38mm, 0.49mm, 0.81mm, 1.13mm and 1.37mm cable diameters

Coax Cable Assembly for Mobile Devices

 Applications of Miniature Coax Cable Assemblies:

  • Laptop, Tablet, E-book, Mobile Phone, Car etc.

Manufacturing Capability:

  • Cable soldering with flex, stamping, LDS carrier, PCB, etc… we have more than 10 methods of cable soldering
  • Cable bending for 3D shape: Soft bending and hard bending for cable from assemblies requirement
  • Cable Process:  Cable cutting by auto-cut, open skylight from auto-laser, dipping tin, stripping the end of cable from auto machine, crimping connector, etc.
  • Integrated with ground clips and conductive fabric in the designed area

Function Test Ability:

  • Return loss test, Hi-pot test, Electrical length test, etc.

Our factory uses the following in-house equipment to ensure the highest quality miniature coax cable assemblies.

  • Electrical testing equipment: Hipot tester ,Vector Network Analyzer (VNA), etc
  • Mechanical testing equipment: Strength Tester, etc
  • Environment testing equipment: Salt Mist Chamber, Thermal Chamber, Temperature Humidity Chamber, etc.
  • Manufacture equipment: Laser stripping machine, crimping machine, auto-stripping machine etc.

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