Amphenol MCP uses state of the art technology to consistently produce high quality components for mobile applications.  Our team offers market leading expertise in the design and production of all your mobile component needs. Our factories operate with ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9002, and ISO 14001:1996 certifications as well as Sony Green Partner.

Antenna Capabilities:

Amphenol MCP Antenna testing equipment  includes the DASY-4, SAR, 2-D Chambers , SATIMO SG64 and STARLAB all capable to do active testing efficiency measurements. Our areas of expertise are antennas for mobile phones, laptop, point-of-sale, mobile computing, PC-cards, fixed wireless terminals, indoor antennas, telematics and GPS.


Connector and Cable Capabilities :

With full vertical integration, including stamping, plating, molding, insert-molding, assembly, tooling and automation capabilities, MCP designs, manufactures and delivers a wide range of mobile connectors and specific cables. Our R&D teams are able to work closely with our customer development departments in order to support the best possible concepts and bring efficient and cost effective solutions to life. A majority of our products are engineered and made based on our customer specifications and cover the following applications: Sim and SD card readers, I/O connectors (USB, mUSB, USB Type C, HDMI, …) , battery connectors, Audio Jacks, pogo pins, clips, RF sockets and cables, charging and docking cables, as well as special interconnect solutions involving magnetic connection, waterproof requirements, high current transmission, embedded electronics, etc…. All of these connectors and cables are being tested and validated in our state of the art laboratories and comply with RoHS, Reach and ISO standards.


Micro Coax Cable Capabilities :

Amphenol MCP’s  micro coax cable R&D department is committed to the development of  high quality cable assemblies for mobile communication products including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, servers, and other internal and external digital products.

The following electrical, mechanical, and environmental test equipment are used to ensure the highest performing products.

  • Electrical testing equipment: Time Domain Reflector (TDR), Network Analyzer (NA), Resistance Tester
  • Mechanical testing equipment: Strength Tester, Cable Bending Life Tester
  • Environment testing equipment: Salt Mist Chamber, Thermal Chamber, Temperature Humidity Chamber

Moving Mechanism Capabilities :

Amphenol MCP designs and manufactures a variety of mechanical components for consumer electronic products including  mobile phones, ultra-books, notebooks,  etc.  Mechanism R&D excels in the design and development of mechanical components including sliding mechanisms, folding mechanisms, modem mechanisms, shielding cans, mechanical components for antennas, and plugs for battery chargers.  Our R&D concept team provides support from the initial concept to the detailed product design and prototype builds.

Our mechanism testing lab can quickly create test and measurement platforms to ensure product quality and customer  requirements are met.  Our simulation team manages concept design evaluation and test failure analysis in the early phases. Our mechanical engineer team engages in engineering optimization for smooth mass production.

Acrylic Sheet Lens Capabilities:

Amphenol MCP acrylic sheet lens R&D focuses on display screens (2D&3D) for portable electronics including mobile phones, notebooks, E-book, PSP, GPS, and more.

Our Lens Testing Center has the following machinery to ensure the highest performing products.

  • Optics Testing Machine: Spectrophotometer, Haze Measuring Machine, Electron Microscope
  • Functional Testing Machine: Pencil Hardness Tester, Ball Drop Tester, Material Tester, RCA Paper Wearing Machine, Vibratory wear Machine
  • Weathering Testing Machine: Salt Mist Chamber, Thermal Shock Chamber, Thermal Chamber, QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) Capabilities:

Amphenol MCP has in-house tooling for MIM and CIM production with a capacity of 20-24 sets per month. MIM and CIM are used in the decoration of mobile product keys, audio rings, tablet brackets, camera badges, dental brackets, industrial equipment, auto body plates, and more.